Shared Space Application (M24): Diagnostic evaluation during the exploration of course content for research purposes

Document type: KP-Lab internal document

Product name and version: M24 release of Shared Space Application (stable) 

Organisers of the test: Minna Lakkala
Date of the test: June-July 2008
Date of the report: 13th of July 2008
Contacts: Minna Lakkala

Executive Summary

This document reports miscellaneous usability issues that the editor noticed when exploring and saving the content of EVTEK Multimedia Product course (Study 8.9) for research purposes. The spaces that were used were Multimedia Project ssp and its child spaces. The comments are organized by views and tools but otherwise they are not in any specific order; they were written down in the order that the problems were noticed because the main task that the editor had was to go through the data to be saved. Some issues might already be taken into account in the requirements; that was not possible to check during the work. Data export tool will later be tested separately using the same course data.

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