M 24 ASDT GUI-Level Usability Study, User Tests

Document type: KP-Lab internal document

Product name and version: Activity System Design Tool, M24 Version

Organisers of the test: Suvi Numminen
Date of the test: 04.07-15.08.2008
Date of the report: 22.08.2008
Contacts: Mikko Höynälänmaa
Emails: Mikko.Hoynalanmaa@poyry.com

Executive Summary

This report shows the results of the GUI-level usability evaluation of the M24 version of the Activity System Design Tool. The main purpose of the evaluation was to test the intuitiveness and general ease of use with real users.

In the test, the users performed predefined tasks while thinking aloud. Three users were tested individually. In addition, the users filled in a pre-questionnaire and were interviewed after the tasks.

Main results of the study:

  • The tool is difficult to use without any prior training
  • The basic concept of how everything works (creating items, navigating etc.) is not intuitive, but after learning it, the tool fairly easy to use
  • Having different things created in different ways in the interface is confusing in the beginning
  • Some small usability problems (e.g. not enough characters seen in triangle model nodes, the term ‘Uploadable content item’ is unfamiliar etc.)
  • Users requested free drawing tools and more models

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