M 24 ASDT GUI-Level Usability Study, Heuristic Evaluation

Document type: KP-Lab internal document

Product name and version: Activity System Design Tool, M24 Version

Organisers of the test: Suvi Numminen
Date of the test: 10.06-12.06.2008
Date of the report: 22.08.2008
Contacts: Mikko Höynälänmaa
Emails: Mikko.Hoynalanmaa@poyry.com

Executive Summary

The report includes the usability problems found in a heuristic evaluation of the M24 version of the Activity System Design Tool (ASDT).

Main results of the study:

  • Lots of small, cosmetic problems were found
  • The most severe problems were missing functionalities
  • Most of the problems found were not severe, though, and do not actually hinder or prevent using the tool.

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