Usability report: Shared Space Test at 30 October 2007

Document type: KP-Lab internal document
Product name and version: Shared Space, First prototype
Organisers of the test: Crina Damsa and Mirjam Pardijs
Date of the test: 30 October 2007
Date of the report: 26 November 2007
Editor: Mirjam Pardijs
Contact name(s): Mirjam Pardijs;

1. Executive Summary

This report gives a brief over view of a test that was executed in UU using Shared Space. Four persons went through the basic functions of the collaborative working/learning environment called Shared Space. The participants of the test are knowledgeable on recent technological advancement especially in the learning environment area. They can be anticipated to be accustomed to such environments. The participants also had an extensive knowledge on the theoretical background of the environment in question. The purpose of the test was twofold; first to test the basic functionalities of Shared Space and second to find out whether Shared Space was stable enough to be used in coming courses at UU.
The product was the First prototype M12 beta of Shared Space

Methods of the test were restricted use in controlled situation and discussion while going through predefined tasks as well as discussion between the participants after the test.

1.1 The results can be summarised as:

  • In general basic functionalities are still too unstable, and it is still too slow. We therefore hesitate to use it in our courses already.
  • Most of the instabilities were encountered in process view when creating tasks.
  • For us, there are too many ways to do one thing (right mouse menu, menu or buttons in the screen). This might work confusing for the students too.
  • We would prefer a simpler interface in which only functionalities are shown that are available/have a function in the specific space (in stead of – as it is right now - all buttons visible all the time of which then half is not functioning in the specific area). This would improve the overview and keep the overload on the screen limited.
  • We definitely missed some introductory words – on the start page, and maybe also in the GUI or SSmanager.

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