A statement establishing a measurable behavioral outcome, used as an advanced organizer to indicate how the learner's acquisition of skills and knowledge is being measured.

Source: WP5 - glossary

From my point of view this definition falls short when it comes to knowledge creation as a form of learning emphasized in KP-Lab. The problem is how to define a learning objective (and especially a measurable one) when students and professionals are engaged in solving real world problems which are most often wicked in nature so that no specific outcome can be predtermined?

--Christoph Richter, 19-Jul-2006

I also think that not all learning objectives are measurable (or that is not their main characteristics). Within the terminology of activity theory 'learning objective' seems to be close to the 'object of activity' but it is not necessarily measurable but more like a cultural motivation to some social practices.

--Sami Paavola, 11-Aug-2006

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