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Source files

A dump of KP-Lab SVN can be found at /var/kplab/trunk. These sources are used to maintain the repository up-to-date. The sources are built once a day (at 4am) and the newly built and downloaded jars and poms are copied to the Maven2 repository at /var/www/html/maven2.

NOTE! It is really important to keep these files belonging to user and group maven (its maven:maven with chown). If they wouldn't be so the source update and build will fail miserably.


Apache server webroot is located, as is default, at /var/www/html. This is mainly used for our Maven2 repository.

Tomcat installation is at /usr/local/tomcat. The KP-Lab JSPWiki is running there (the one you are looking right now).


The software we use are located at /opt/. You can find there Java (/opt/java) and Maven (/opt/maven).

Development Development Servers

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