KP-Lab Portal Properties

Currently there are two properties files there. One for connecting to the KP-Lab database by using the really not cool way of JDBC connections and the other is for connection to the SWKM server.

Currently these files under portal source. The exact location is portal/src/webapp/WEB-INF/conf. Filenames are and


Both of these should be placed somewhere on Java classpath. A good and handy place is shared/classes under the Tomcat installation.


# KP-Lab connection properties org.kplab.db.user = root org.kplab.db.pass = root org.kplab.db.kplab.string = jdbc:mysql://localhost/kplab org.kplab.db.js.string = jdbc:mysql://localhost/j2 org.kplab.db.driver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Change as needed per the local mysql installation.

# Declaration of services' wsdl locations for EVTEK server = = = = = kms-re.service.wsdl = # Declaration of services' wsdl locations for FORTH server = = = = = kms-re.service.wsdl =

This example includes strings for connecting both the EVTEK's kr server and Forth's swkm server. Use only ONE of these. Comment the one you are not using, that is place a # character at the beginning of the lines (or remove them).

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