KP-Lab heuristics from M12 onwards

KP-Lab heuristics were created in a long process starting with an intensive discussion of what is meant by the term “criteria”. Finally, the group came to an agreement that there is a need for two criteria:

  1. Criteria for ensuring minimum usability requirements and
  2. for enabling higher-level evaluation of practices.
The KP-Lab heuristics are meant to enable the minimum usability over all the tools developed in KP-Lab. The Heuristics follow the manner of Nielsen’s Heuristics and should be used in the same way, which also means that the KP-Lab heuristics should not be the only evaluation/testing used, but one within other means to evaluate and test (cf. Nielsen 2005b). Below you will find the KP-Lab Heuristics and the main points of executing an expert (heuristic) evaluation. In appendix 1, a template that can be used when executing the evaluation is presented enable, the results of which can be feedback for the technical partners.

The KP-Lab heuristics will be refinied after each half year the first version:

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