I have successfully deployed a demo of the push sever to the mielikki server.currently the push server uses an invisible flash client to register for events on the push server.This is really good for real collaborative applications.

Usage At the moment , i discovered some errors in the development because ,The broswer is not updated correctly in intenet explorer, because i tried to make the technology flash 6 complaint.If i stay with flash 9, thing will work more smoothly.

  1. Fire up two browsers preferrably firefox and some other browsers.
  2. Navigate to " http://mielikki.mobile.evtek.fi:3000/ " (Please include the port number there ....You should get a message saying that you are now connected to the pusher sever)
  3. Enter a username and loggin into the chat rooms.watch the side info box as it changes as new users login into the systems
  4. send a message into the room and watch the real time notifications between the browsers.
  5. Also try out the upload feature of the room and watch the real time sharing of the information.

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