The ability of participants in a project to engage in rapid building of relations and creation of reciprocal collaboration (Engeström, 2005). This kind of agency appears necessary for productive functioning in the fluid zones where communities and workplace organizations meet one another. Developing corresponding competencies is important because boundaries between organizations are blurring and professional activities often take place in fragmented and intermixed rather than monolithic organizational entities. Interagency is needed for innovative activity in dynamically developing networks that consist in several activity systems.

See also Agency, Epistemic Agency, Transformative Agency, Trialogical Agency.


Engeström, Y. (2005) Knotworking to create collaborative intentionality capital in fluid organizational fields. In M. Beyerlein, S. T. Beyerlein, & F. A. Kennedy (Eds.), Collaborative capital: Creating intangible value (pp. 307-336). Amsterdam: Elsevier.

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