Here are some instructions that I hope will help you getting started.
Based on your experiences, you can add more, modify… those instructions.
If you have a problem using this Wiki and you don’t find the solution in the help pages or on the official JSPWiki web site, you can edit this page and ask your question here! (at the end of the page using a medium title, please)

How to use this Wiki?

Before starting I advise you to read the WikiEtiquette that give you some tips for a courteous editing.

Please use the SandBox if you want to do some test.

Basic edition

If you want to add, edit… content, you have to login first. Then click on the ‘Edit page’ link. If your computer allows Java Applet, you will see a WYSIWYG editor (with buttons and menus that will help you edit the content) otherwise a plain text editor (you have to manually do the text (content) formatting).

Wiki uses ‘special character combinations’ to give you the possibility to create link, headers, list, bold or italic text…
When you edit a page, you will see a ‘help tab’ with those basic formatting rules. A complete list is available in TextFormattingRules on JSPWiki official web site.

To create a new page, edit a ‘parent page’, create a new link (e.g. [MyNewPage]) and save the page. You will see a red link, click on it and the wiki engine will propose you to create the new page.

I think that the better way to learn is to use it! Go to the SandBox and test it.


  1. If you start editing a page and the content of the page don’t load in the editor; no panic, just refresh the page using your browser “reload/refresh” button.
  2. There is a reserved word in the page name: “Group”. If you try to create a page starting with this word, you will have a “permission denied” message. So if you need a page name starting with the word “Group” try “A Group” or “The Group” or … instead

It's possible to rename the pages if you are a KP-Lab member under the "Page Info". It's usually not so good to rename pages (you risk to loose some back link) and it's impossible to have spaces in the page name (URL can't have space (it's in http protocol definition)).
It's why the habit is to start each word with caps. The Wiki engine do it for you, meaning that if you create a [new page with only small characters], each words will be capitalize. So, capitalize or “lowerize” a page name doesn’t matter, it links the same page.
I also enable the "caps separator" meaning that, on the page name, the wiki will separate the words (e.g. "SandBox" is display as "Sand Box").

In the link, you can keep the spaces (e.g. the link Sand Box or sand box or Sand box or sandBox refer the same page as SandBox), or you can also have a totally different text for the link (e.g. text you want to link the sandbox). The only restriction is that it must be separate on the caps (e.g. Sa n d Bo x is not the same page)…

When you write a page, you can use CamelCase words. Meaning, if you type such word (e.g. SandBox), it will automatically create a link (you don’t need the []) to the page.
If the page doesn’t exist, it will propose you to create it (with the “red link”).

Special tools

There are in JSPWiki many tools, plugin... that can help you to enrich the content of your pages (for example, in this page I use the "table of content plugin"). I create a page where I explain some of those special tools.

How to make pages private?

Here are instructions:

This is how are defined the defaults roles and groups for this wiki:

  • Roles ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Asserted’ (visitors or users that are not logged in) can only view the pages.
  • Role ‘Authenticated’ (registered and logged in users) can edit and add pages.
  • Group ‘KP-Lab’ (official KP-Lab collaborators) can edit, add, comment, attach files to, rename and delete pages.

So for example, if you want that one page can only be viewed by official KP-Lab collaborator and only John Doe can edit it, you will add those two lines at the top of the page:

[{ALLOW view KP-Lab}]
[{ALLOW edit John Doe}]

Valid permissions are (importance sorted) "view", "edit", "comment", "rename" and "delete".
For example, if you give the "comment" rights to one user (or group or role) he will get automatically the "view" and "edit" rights.
The "rename" permission include the "attach file" permission.


  1. It’s impossible to give more rights to one role or group on one page than the default. If you try for example to give on one page the edit permission to Anonymous users [{ALLOW edit Anonymous}] they will only be able to view the page.
  2. Don’t forget to give the edit (or higher) permission to at least one person (or group or role), otherwise the page will be no more editable (except by an Administrator).

Images and files

If you are an official KP-Lab collaborator you can attach files to a page. You just have to use the ‘Attach File’ button.


  1. If you are creating a new page and you want to attach one file, you better save the page first and only after that attach the file!
  2. If you try to upload a file and there is already a file with the same name; the file you upload will overwrite the existing one without warning.

If you want to insert a image in the text, you have to attach it before (like for any file) and then just add the following tag where you want your picture: [{Image src = 'where your image is' }]

KP-Lab logo

In this example: [{Image src='kplab_logo.jpg' caption='KP-Lab logo' link=''}]

This page is referenced under the Category Help.


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