The start for these guidelines was made at the KP-Lab Glossary meeting in Crete 4.10.06. The aim is to help to structure the entries.

Default sections

  • Label of the entry (e.g. Ontology)
  • Perspective (alternative views described first, especially if there are several of them used within one entry, for example, concerning “Ontology”: In philosophy … In computer science)
  • Explanation itself (3-4 phrases; up to 1 page):
    - Category or substance or nature of this item
    - Constraints (what it is not)
    - Context and example
    - Synonyms and antonyms
  • References (related work and bibliography) (e.g. Wartofsky, M. (1979). Models: Representation and Scientific Understanding. Dordrecht: Reidel.)
  • Status of the entry - Proposal, ongoing, agreement, final (this is optional now because in previous entries this has not been defined; the idea is to show if the term has been processes or not, and how much)
  • Contributor (creator + all those who edit) (There is no need to mention this separately because it can be seen within “Page Info”)
  • Comments & discussion

Minimal requirements for making a contribution is just to make a “Projected Entry”, that is to make an open link which someone can start defining later. These guidelines are supposed to give structure to the entries, not to hinder of making also smaller contributions and comments to the Glossary!

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