Google Notebook Data API

Preliminary research

The Google Notebook data API allows client applications to view public notebook content in the form of Google data API ("GData") feeds. Your client application can request a list of notes from a public notebook, request a list of public notebooks owned by a particular user, and query for notes that match particular criteria. Google Notebook feeds are currently read-only and public-only; you can't send data to Notebook using the data API, and you can't get a feed of private Notebook data.


Pre requirements for developers:

Understanding of the general ideas behind the Google data APIs protocol, knowledge how to program in Java.

Based on Technologies:

Google data API ("GData") feeds

API Functionality:

  • Interacting with Google Notebook: examples
    • Get a list of all the user's public notebooks
    • Request a feed manually
    • Request a feed using the client library
    • Send a query

User’s Functionality:

Here are some of the things you can do with the Notebook data API:
  • Get a list of public noteboooks published by a particular user.
  • Keep track of new content added to a public notebook that you're interested in

Browser Compatibility:

Is it open source?

You need to have a Google Notebook account. Google data APIs protocol

Google APIs
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