GA Utrecht Meeting memo T 2.4 (usability group) 27.2.2008


Room: Van Lier en Eggink

Time: 11.00-12.00

11.00-11.20 Presenting the three usability levels according to the jointly made new table. (20 min + some Q= questions and C= comments)

Explanation in general level why we need three levels, what these mean and hold, how these relate to WK work, few words on the methods in the sense what of these have been used already. Mentioning that the naming of the levels is not final, and that the explication on the dependencies the levels have to each other is going on. Showing the WIKI where to find the levels, the discussion, and the co-design glossary. Some brief examples will be given.

The Usability levels and their relation to each other is further worked on within the Usability group. No-objection to the presentation of the levels was made.

11.20-11.40 Role of usability group (T 2.4) (20 min + Q and C)

Explaining the support and help that T 2.4 can offer and what we need everyone to do for usability testing, i.e., the example of the common questionnaire, its use (adaptation) and reporting. See slides in the attachment (3levelsV0_3.pdf)

The pre- and post-questions, template for reporting etc can be found from WIKI-page recommendations

No objection was made about using the questionnaires and reporting template for acquiring information about the usability of the tools on common themes and about reporting the results of different kinds of testing and evaluation by using the provided reporting template.

If questions arise please ask: Merja Bauters (

11.40-12.00 Extended Pilots (20 min + Q and C)

Start on developing and defining the mechanism for the extended pilots. The need to decide what kind of data is relevant from extended pilot cases (both from usability perspective and from pedagogical & professional research perspective). Agreeing in the next steps – a plan should be ready in the spring. See the end of the slides 3levelsV0_3.pdf.

A small group was formed to coordinate the extended pilots in consortium level. This group is lead by Gustaf Ulander. Other members in the group are Minna Lakkala, Merja Bauters and Zvi Ben-Ami.

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