Flickr is a photo management site where members can store, search, sort and share photos. You can group your photo and groups have different kind of privacy levels. Groups can be public or completely private or some member can see them. You can also give different permission levels to use your photos. Flickr gives also opportunity to great some stuff out of your photos or the photo you have permission to use. Stuff means like cards, photo books, calendar or stamps. You can also explore photos by place. Map shows where you took those photos or you can browse a world map to see where other members have been. Other members can comment photos or you can add some comments directly on your photos.

1.Online software that takes minutes or hours to create instead of days and weeks.

2.End-user guided assembly in the browser.

3.Sharing via simple URL.

4.Leverages the global SOA: Is open to all external sources of behaviour and data, e.g. Web Services and other Web apis.

5.Visually configured or scripted "glue" to connect widgets and DIVs together.


6.Is secure, safe, and reliable.

7.What kind of user management it provides?

8.Is it open source?

No. Flickr has an open API.

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