According to the original proposal of the KP-Lab project, so-called extended pilots will be carried out especially in the 4th and 5th year of the project. Extended pilots involve scaling up of emerging good practices and the usage of KP-Lab tools across large number of users (students, teachers and professionals) who are not directly involved in the project consortium. Extended pilots concerns both pedagogical WPs as well as WP11 (Dissemination) and WP12 (Training).

In the original project proposal there is a following list of categories: Partially functional pilots, Fully functional pilots, Extended pilots, and Large scale pilots - is this distinction useful (Minna 16.1.08).

see also pilot.

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This involves a new task in DoW3 which is the scaling up of knowledge practices supported by KP-Lab tools to new user groups other than those currently investigated in the KP-Lab partners’ institutions. Some of these new cases concern high-intensity research (i.e., fully functional pilots, extended pilots and large scale pilots), and other will commence as more low-intensity pilots (i.e., partially functional pilots) which will gradually become more elaborate in their scope. The initiation and organization of so-called extended pilots will be planned carefully; the users will be supported appropriately and experiences will be collected systematically from them, in order to get feedback for the iterative co-design process. Still, what needs to be done now is to exactly differentiate between Partially functional pilots, Fully functional pilots, Extended pilots, and Large scale pilots, since I think partially functional pilots are difficult to conceptualize since pilots are by definition not entirely functional in the sense that they serve as stepping stone towards empirical studies.

Risks relating to extended pilots involve mainly difficulties of finding and selecting courses of educational contexts that are outside of the partners’ institutions which either fit the perspective of trialogical learning and/ or which agree to participate in the KP-Lab project as a research case. This issue can be handled for each respective partner to make an appeal on his professional network and to proactively participate in dissemination activities at conferences, workshops and symposia.

--PatrickSins, 23-Jan-2008

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