This page is created for faster feedback tot he Working Knot work as well as for WP2 work.

The power-users of the Tools (e.g. course instructors or ourselves) report usability problems but also experiences directly to the usability KP-Lab wiki (here) .

The usability wiki (this page) is scanned through in regular phases for experience reports and if relevant, these experiences are then integrated into the help-system and fed to the Working Knot Work.

Thus, the idea is to list here Usability problems you encounter when using Tools and ideas, experinces of use.

Usability problems encountered

DateWhoWhat was doneCommentType of problem
20.03.08CRCreating a content item wiki-pageEven content-item name with a moderate length e.g. “Allgemeine Produktbeschreibung” cannot be displayed fully in the content-item boxesCore SSpA
20.03.2008CRWorking on SSpA Network I can see someone is there also (the glove) but cannot see who it isAwareness
18.03.2008 MBUploading files i.e., creating content items (file type) When I choose the wrong file I cannot actually in modify to upload, i.e., replace the wrong file by new one, I have to delete the content item and do a new one Core SSpA Content view
18.03.2008MBAdding tasks and subtasks in process view it is hard to see what should be the start and end dates of the tasks that one is adding because there is not enough visual information of the other tasks legths and strat - end times, which creates a problem of postioning the tasks in the right place in the timelineCore SSpA process view
21.03.2008 CDAssigning roles to the usersThe roles can be assigned but not savedCore SSpA Community View
20.03.2008 MBCreating anything in SSpA that has a dialog box The dialog boxes are movable which is good, but there is no afordance of where one has to drag to move it, one juts has to know itCore SSpA Content view
20.03.2008 CRCreating content items The content-item name with a moderate length e.g. “Allgemeine Produktbeschreibung” cannot be displayed fully in the content-item boxesCore SSpA Content view
11.04.2008 TJRemove link It is not possible to remove links (i.e. relational-links). Core SSpA Content view
16.05.2008 MLNote editor text formatting The simple text editing possibilities are ok but I like to be able to use colours in the text. You can- what browser you have? But these work in my browser (Mac Firefox etc) Core SSpA Note editor
16.05.2008 MLAdding a link to Note editor text I could add a link to a Note editor text but it was not visually indicated anyway that the text included a link yes it does - this and the above seem to be bugs can you report them through feedback form and tell your browser also. But these work in my browser (Mac Firefox etc) Core SSpA Note Editor
16.05.2008 MLReading threaded comments Much space in the design of comment box goes into borders, bars etc.; the space could be used more efficiently to help reading long threads. Core SSpA Comment
16.05.2008 MLReading threaded comments I like to be able also to see only the titles of the comments; the hierarchy is easier to see and you can better get an overview of the chain Core SSpA Comment
16.05.2008 MLModifying links It is not possible to change the direction of a link to the opposite direction.Core SSpA Content view
16.05.2008 MLChoosing itemsNot clear why the items become read or yellow after clicking them? Red is a colour for warning and error; it should not be used in the interface for other purposes.Core SSpA Content view
16.05.2008 MLAdding free tagsThe interface for adding free tags is not intuitive. I did not know whether I should choose the “Free tag vocabulary” and what button to press (+ etc.)Core SSpA Tagging
16.05.2008 MLCreating tasksWhy do I always have to add dates to tasks. There might be "ongoing" tasks for some process that do not have start or end dates. GANTT is not best solution for all kinds of processesCore SSpA Process view
16.05.2008 MLUsing tasks and subtasksThe main task and sub-tasks look exactly the same. The task hierarchy coud be visible also in the visual look of the task items or user should be able to change itCore SSpA Content view
16.05.2008MB Just checking around how one can filter spacesThe conntrol tab's items that a user cannot execute in the network view should disabled, i.e., "show tasks, show content items, show notes" Network view
16.05.2008MB readung requirements User list sorting, example Order by member name (first name, last name), shared space titlecommunity view
16.+5.2008ML working around ne practical problem with the test versions of SSp has been that when the system or connection has crasched when somebody has locked the item, the item stays locked forever ... Or the person might forget to exit from editing. ... How to unlocke the locked item in error situations? Should there be a time limit for locking?content view locking items
31.05.2008 ML report by MBworking between views in space It would be good to keep the zoom, when sifting between views, i.e. if the user is in content view, zooms and organises the view so that it is good, then sift to precess view to do some stuff and goes back to content view the content view should look the same when the user left it to go the process view, namely the zoomin prosentage and arrangement should be the same Views
05.06.2006MB reasing and writing commentscommenting, the content has too little space the scrolling of the comments is annoying and text hard to read in such a small bits, also when writing the space to write could be gigger, the text could wrap, so that one can see what one has written, otherwise I at least forget and the going back and forth of the text slows doen the writing. Also resisable editors, commenting windows etc would be nice comments in comtent view
06.06.2008 CRReplacing an exiting file Sometimes it might be helpful not to add a new content item but simply to replace an uploaded document by a newer version. When creating a new node for every version, things can become quite messy. Nevertheless, in some cases user might also want to keep the former version, so I wonder if a kind of history or versioning system for a content item would be helpful. Core SSpA Content view
06.06.2008 MBReplacing an exiting file Less elaboarted need for the replace, just plain replace is needed, I often by accident place a wrong file or notice later sligth mistakes that I have then corrected and would like to replace the file, now at least sometime ago, I still had to go through the whole process, delete existing content item, create new one and place the correct file into that Core SSpA Content view
11.12.2008 EZAdding a context-based chat to a content item in the content view.I think the following is more a bug than a usability problem, but I also want to add it here (I have already used the feedback form): When creating a context-based chat (e.g. right-click on a content item and select "chat"), the session log saves "adding a task" instead of "adding a chat". When cancelling this action, the session log says "canceled adding a task".Session log in content view
19.1.2009 KK Creation of the task When you create a task in the procecc view, It does not turn out in the content view until you have gone to the network view returned back to the content viewSSP process view
19.1.2009 KK Milestones? The spots representing the tasks in the process view do note comprehensible enough signal their timeframe because the only dates referenced are displayed at the two ends of the ruler belowProcess view
19.1.2009 KK Modifying task It is eventually impossible to modify created task at least in the content view. Since an opportunity to browse various deadlines is crucial in projects, it would be nice to see starting and ending dates as meta-data while you are pointing tasskProcess view
19.1.2009 KK Creating a subtask When you create a subtask in the process view it tends to appear pretty far from the main task in the content view Process view
19.1.2009 KK Commenting editor Since ä and ö- letters are replaced with other signs in the editor, comments tend to be uncomprehensible when created in languages where these letters are used Commenting
22.1.2009KKAdding members to Ssp:sSSp user management system does not work and at least I'm not able to add new members to the SSp:s I have createdSSp user management

Thanks Kari for good suggestionss! Some of those are comming with the improvements see:

  • Frantisek: I have a question about KPS related problems, can you (ML) provide some example of "ongoing" tasks?
  • MB: I have a feeling that that relates to the alternative ways of process presentations or process organisations...
  • Frantisek: Yes, I see this idea behind:) and therefore I want to know some examples that could improve KPS (Process view) features and fill up the user requirements.

Experience and ideas of usage

Some miscellaneous ideas based on my first experiments with SSp (Minna 16.5.08):

  • It would be good to have the “standard” copy-pasting functionalities work in SSp GUI. For instance, I wanted to copy the whole list of members in my ssp from the community view to email text but there was no possibility to do that.
  • When you add a new ssp, or task or content items in content view, it would be helpful if the new added item becomes clearly visible in the view somehow highlighted. Now a new items might emerge on some other item or in the hidden place, perhaps rather far from the center of the view. If there is already much stuff, it is difficult to find the new item.
  • When I started to collect material in the content view, I quite soon missed a possibility to make a “package” that could include several items that are not visible in the main view if I do not “open” it. There could be several links, documents, etc. as background materials for the main item but they need not be visible unless a user wants to see it – so there is a need to structure the material easily in some kind of hierarchy, without a need to create new tasks or subtasks. I could create a wiki page for creating a “package” but then I need to follow wiki’s way of presenting the knowledge. Does the tailored view give an answer here? But then I would like to have a tailored view linked as one content item in the main view that could be “opened” if needed – or also unpack its content in the main view.
  • It bothers me that it is not possible to make the titles of the shares spaces, tasks and content items visible in full in the network view or content view if you want to; there is actually very little of the title visible. Could it be possible to choose whether you want to see all content items in the same size or whether you want them to be fit with the size of the title? Or could it be possible to manually stretch the size of those items that you want? For instance, if the title of Note items is possible to make fully visible, then note editor could be used to construct simple concept maps without extra tools needed, when the text written in the title could be fully visible.

Process of the loop back for now

Image of the feedback loop

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