Dojo is an ajax framework / javascript library. It is one of the more comprehensive javascript toolkits available at the moment. Some claim it to be a bit bloated or too large, and there might be some point in saying that.

The whole Dojo library (referred to as the "kitchen sink"-edition) is indeed quite heavy, and really shouldn't be used in any production websites. This is because Dojo offers efficient tools for customizing the library to better suite the needs (or if you like, the size) of a project. By building own versions (using ANT) of Dojo, developers can leave out the parts that are not needed in the current project and compress the rest, thus reducing the size and loading time of the needed javascript.


- open source
- almost every feature of an "ultimate" javascript library available
- widgets like date picker, text editor
- animation / graphics functions
- extends core javascript (strings, arrays etc. more methods to examine)
- can be modified and sized down to better fit the project frame
- the library code is quite well commented
- they have a repository with nightly builds and a trac system for reporting/fixing bugs
- embedded in Jetspeed Portal Framework
- the documentation is a lot better now than it used to be
- a large community behind the project


- requires more work to get familiarized with all the options (compared to "simpler" libraries)
- e.g. compiling your own build
- what exactly should be included / left out
- the documentation is still not as good as it could be
- examples of usage exist, but are a bit sparse

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