At the WK meeting 25.10.07 it was decided that we should produce a joint document where we try to explicate from the theoretical, pedagogical and technical viewpoint, what kinds of things we are trying to support within this WK. Where to concentrate? We should write perhaps use scenarios for the tools, and pedagogical ideas and future plans related to this WK.

We can especially write short MOTIVATING scenarios, keeping in mind the requirements which need to be defined. Half a page is good for each scenario; they will help future work.

Feel free to frame these short desriptions as you find best from your point of view!

Our scenarios can be found attached or at the plone site:

(Svein Olav, InterMedia - 15.11.07)

EVTEK scenario in the attachment. I am sorry it is still quite abstract and might not make a lot of sense yet, I did not have time to re-read it as many times I need to make text sensible. I will try to continue next weekend.

(Merja 25.11.2007)

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