Development phase CASS-Query testing on December 2007

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Product name and version: CASS-Query 

Organisers of the test: Kai Hakkarainen/Kari Kosonen
Date of the test: November 2007
Date of the report: July 2008
Contacts: Kari Kosonen
Emails: Kari Kosonen,

Executive Summary

This report gives a brief overview of a test that was executed at The University of technology using CASS-Query tool. Five persons went through the basic functions that had been implemented. The participants of the test are knowledgeable on technology since they all were knowledge workers or researchers. The results of the test were discussed together with the participation of the technological partners of the working not in January 2008.
The main purpose of the test was to collect data about participant’s observations regarding the central functionalities of the CASS-Query software and its interface. We particularly aimed to gather participant’s critical remarks in order to use data in the further defining of the focus of usability testing of CASS-Q system.
The results are listed as comments divided into three categories; a. Remarks on system/concept design, b. Remarks on the functionalities, c. Observations about possible bugs.

a. Remarks on system/concept design,
  • A system relying on a distanced server database is difficult to implement in the follow-ups, the participants of which are working in globally dispersed teams and therefore pose a particular challenge to data management. The system being implemented in these cases should provide an opportunity to store data temporally in the mobile devices, which are used in answering queries.

b. Remarks on the basic functionalities
  • There should be an opportunity to provide taken pictures with meta-data including additional information.
  • The “Save-icon” appearing permanently in the interface, although saving was required only at the end of the survey, was confusing.
  • The program does not inform a user about responses being successfully received by the server.

c. Observations about bugs.
  • The program is cancelled if a user tries to take a picture when the keyboard is open.
  • The program was cancelled couple of times when the participant were answering open-end questions orally.

The full test report in KP-Lab Intranet

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