A mode of learning and working in which participants (students) are concerned with the usefulness, adequacy, improvability, and developmental potential of ideas and theories. In order to support the development of skills and competencies that the innovation society calls for, it appears essential to provide students experiences in solving complex design tasks throughout education, tasks that engage them in iterative improvement of their ideas as well as artifacts embodying them. See Bereiter & Scardamalia.

See Belief mode.


Bereiter, C. & Scardamalia M. (2003). Learning to work creatively with knowledge. In E. de Corte, L. Verschaffel, N. Entwistle & J. van Merriƫnboer (eds.) Unravelling basic components and dimensions of powerful learning environments. EARLI Advances in Learning and Instruction Series. Oxford: Elsevier Science.

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