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Data Mashups is an online service intended for small businesses and work groups that enables the creation and use of portals. With the service it is possible to create personalized portals, integrated applications that mashup data from different sources e.g. web services, Excel, web widgets and other web applications. The service includes a mashup applicaton builder tool (AppliBuilder) and a hosted portal environment. The tools for the portal creation run in the browser and javascript based. The mashup tool also contains a server part which is hosted by Data Mashups. The settings and data source parameters etc. are stored in the server in an SQL database. The database can be configured by hand also. Alternatively the server part can be installed locally by the portal developer. The portal user can personalize the portal further in the limits that the portal administrator offers. The portal environment includes user and role management features.

1. Adherence to mashup principles:

a. Online software that takes minutes or hours to create instead of days and weeks.

- Data Mashups is a service, although also a downloadable version is available. No downloading necessary, you can start using the service within minutes.

b. End-user guided assembly in the browser.

- Editing and building of portals and mashups happens in the browser. It contains wizards and drag’n’drop tools to create the portal components. - The user can add web pages, HTML snippets, Javascript snippets and RSS-feeds to their portal page, using simple visual tools in the browser. - Also the can select predefined applications for use in the portal

c. Sharing via a simple URL.

- Basically any URL can be imported to the portal for others to see.

d. Leverages the “Global SOA”: Is open to all external sources of behaviour and data.

- Contains tools to use web services in the portal. Basic gui creation and specification of input parameters etc. Also REST is supported as well as access to databases, Excel data, web widgets (e.g. google maps), web applications.

e. Visually configured or scripted “glue” to connect widgets and DIVS together.

- The browser part is javascript based, and it is possible to add javascript to the page also “manually” with the mashup tool.

f. Is secure, safe, and reliable.

- contains user management features and authentication.

2. What kind of user-managemet does the tool provice?

The portal contains a registration feature. There are three models for user-registration:

1. Any user with no verification required. 2. Any user with valid email 3. Users with valid emails in a particular domain.

All applications in the portal share single-sign-on, so that a registered user of any application is automatically registered for the portal and vice versa.

The portal may used also by visitors, however their changes to the portal are not saved.

The administrator can define what content different users can see using a content tree.

3. Is the tool mature enough to be used in our project? Examples of where the tool has been used in the past.

The tool is currently in the beta phase. The tool was created in 2006. I think it has not been really used in enterprise applications. The documentation seems to be quite good on the web site. There are some open issues stated in the documentation, which do not seem to be show stoppers, but....

“For the experienced web developer, the tool may get in the way more often than help, at least until the tool matures further. " -

So probably this tool should be used more to provide a vision of what can be done than really using this to create our mashups.

4. Is the tool open source?

Yes, AppliBuilder is available under an Apache 2.0 open source license. AppliBuilder can be freely used and redistributed for commercial and other purposes.

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