Dapper is a web tool that enables the creation of rss feeds, widgets, gadgets, etc. using data from any HTML web page without any programming. These feeds are called Dapps. The creation is done with a simple online wizard. Dapps produce an XML stream which can then be combined in your website or application. Dapper also provides a set of tools to transform this XML stream into other formats, including RSS, email, and Google Maps. Dapps are stored on Dapper’s servers but the data is streamed from the information source. Existing Daps can be searched and used from the Dapper database.

1. Adherence to mashup principles:

a. Online software that takes minutes or hours to create instead of days and weeks.

- Dapper is a web application. The creation of daps is easy, can be done in minutes. Also existing daps can be searched and used. Daps can be accessed also programmatically.

b. End-user guided assembly in the browser.

- Creation of Daps happens in the browser. Dapper does not include any kind of mashup portal platform, but only helps in the creation of widgets that can be included in ones mashup portal.

c. Sharing via a simple URL.

- Daps can be shared. A Dap can be created from any url.

d. Leverages the “Global SOA”: Is open to all external sources of behaviour and data.

- Daps can be created from basically any content on the web that can be identified by an URL.

e. Visually configured or scripted “glue” to connect widgets and DIVS together.

- Dapper is a tool to create and access these widgets e.g. as html snippets or json or xml. These can be embedded in ones web page.

f. Is secure, safe, and reliable.

- Dapper is used by some existing web sites.

2. What kind of user management it provides?

Dapper is not a mashup portal platform, so by itself it does not contain any user management.

3. Is the tool mature enough to use in our project? Examples of usage.

Examples (all of these are actually services created by Dapper to demonstrate what can be done with it):

- Magg movie aggregator (http://www.dapper.net/dapplications/Magg/)

Magg aggregates movies from various websites. It provides a search functionality (meta search). Was built using Dapper.

- Snag (http://www.dapper.net/dapplications/Snag/)

Snag aggregates information from a users accounts at various social networks. Instead of having to visit each of those networks separately, once can read messages, and get updates from all of the networks in one place by using Snag.

- Blotter (http://www.dapper.net/dapplications/Blotter/)

Blotter is a new service that graphs a blog’s popularity over time. The popularity statistics are gathered from Technorati using the Dapper service.

- dapperfox (http://www.dapper.net/dapperfox/)

Dapperfox is a Firefox extention that sits next to the RSS icon in your browser.

Whenever you visit a website Dapperfox will show you RSS feeds that other people have created, as well as allow you to create a new feed to share with the community. This is perfect when a site does not have its own RSS feed, or when its feed doesn’t meet your needs.

4. Is it open source? - Can be accessed as aservice freely.

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