Customisation consists of a set of preferences configurable by the user through a prefernce form (see Mørch 1997) or it includes activities that allow users, by setting some parameters, to choose among alternative behaviours slready available in the application (see Costabile et al., 2003). Related to Flexibility, Tailorability, Adaptibility.

Costabile M.F., Fogli D., Letondal C., P. Mussio P., Piccinno A. (2003). Domain-Expert Users and their Needs of Software Development. In End-User Development Empowering people to flexibly employ advanced information and communication technology. IST PROGRAMME Action Line: IST-2002-8.1.2 Mørch, A. (1997). Three Levels of End-User Tailoring: Customization, Integration, and Extension. In M. Kyng & L. Mathiassen (eds.), Computers and Design in Context, (51-76). The MIT Press, Cambridge.

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Should not there be a conclusion of the use of the term in Kp-lab.

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