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Previously (task force on usability time) seen task for the now called T2.4.2 Definition of criteria and procedures for usability testing in relation to trialogical practices..
We do not have any ready-made answer to these issues yet but we are going to develop more specific “trialogical criteria” by:
  1. making general design principles of trialogical learning more specific in relation to the tool use (criteria developed in collaboration with WP3)
  2. developing more specific usability criteria in relation to various pedagogical and working life practices and specific aims (criteria developed in collaboration with WP8, WP9, and WP10).
New description to be provided according to the new WP2 Description of work.

Below the link to different versions can be found.

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Edited Version Of The Evalution Criteria Under Development 060407
T 2.4.2 Definition Of Criteria And Procedures For Usability Testing In Relation To Trialogical Practices

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