TX.X.X. KP-Lab Awareness Services Framework Architecture

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0.01May, the 22th 2007Harri AiraksinenFirst draft: the idea of using Ajax/Flash technology to do awareness features to KP-Lab applications
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  1. Purpose
This document has the purpose of presenting the architecture of the KP-Lab AWAjax Technical Framework (AWATF). AWAjax will listen the user actions and based on those, the client application (Flash) sends messages to push –server. The push server spread out user actions to all other on-line users.

The application server keeps the record what the users have done and based on those actions rule engine will send messages via push –server to all users. The rules will be implemented using JBoss Rules -business rules engine.

Detailed work plan and milestones are compiled in separate documents for allowing a flexible management of the design and development tasks. The AWATF aims at providing common services and solutions for all KP-Lab tools.

  1. AWAjax Architecture Overview

In the following, we present a more detailed schema of the general architecture of the AWATF

Figure 1: More details about the AWATF architecture

The working sequences are following:

  • 1. User browser sends request to www-server
  • 2. User browser get the response
  • 3. Application server (in demo case we will use Ruby on Rails –server) sends a notification to a push server which users have been called the www –server
  • 4. User does some action and Flash client sends a message over a socket connection to the push server. The push server is implemented in demo phase using Ruby –programming code.
  • 5. The push server sends XML object to Ajax/JavaScript part which presents the results to the flash –client
  1. Work plan

We will do the demo.

  1. Open questions
Some but not so many 

      • End of the document ***


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