Here are listed all the documentation, instructions or other material related to the development of the portal and other components.

M12 Development tools




Creating Checksums For Maven Repository Files
How To Backup And Restore SWKM
How To Restart Red 5
Jetspeed Build Scripts
KP Lab Logging
KP Lab Portal Properties
Maven Repository Update Script
Software And Hardware Requirements

M12 Jetspeed development

How To Install KP Lab Portal From KP Lab SVN
How To Synch KP Lab Portal With Apache Trunk

Installation instruction for the M24 environement

M24 swkm installation
M24 platform installation
M24 shared space tools installation

Installation instruction for the M60 environment

M60 swkm installation
M60 platform installation
M60 KPE tools installation

Wiki Development

Wiki Requirements Development


How To Sync JSP Wiki Source Code
Test Case M 12 JSP Wiki Features
Test Case M 12 JSP Wiki SSGUI Functionalities


M24 wiki requirements


M36 wiki requirements discussion

Development Servers

2 D

Shared Space Development

D 6_4 Description
Data Access
Helsinki University Sessions With M 12
Improvements For M 24 Release Process View
Internal Section
M 24 General Improvements
M 24 Improvements Of Tagging
M 24 Process Planning
M 24 Shared Space GUI
M 27 Editing Semantic Tags Specifications Draft Version
M 27 Free Term Search
M 27 Pluggability Of The Tools Requirements Reformulation
M 27 Pluggability Of Tools
M 27 Proactive To Do List
M 27 Semantic Search
M 27 Semantic Tagging
M 2832 Data Export User Requirements
M 28 Chat
M 28 Shared Space And User Amangement Draft 0.2
M 28 Shared Space And User Management
M 30 History Participation Awareness
M 32 Calendar
M 32 Real Time Collaborative Document Editing
M 32 Shared Space Network View GUY
M 36 Commenting Improvements
M 36 Data Export
M 36 Data Export Extensions
M 36 Drawing Tools Requirements Start
M 36 GUI Synchronisation
M 36 Help
M 36 Import Export Service For SCORMIMS Packages
M 36 User Community View
M 36 User Community View Mock Ups
M 40 Alternative Process Views
M 40 Re Use Library
M 40 Re Use Library Implementation Steps
M 60 Shared Space Architecture
Shared Space Queries
Shared Space Queries To Optimize
Shared Space RQL Queries Time
Ssp Architecture
Test Case M 12 Functionalities
Test Case M 12 JSP Wiki SSGUI Functionalities
Test Case M 12 SSGUI Forms
Time Table M 24 Shared Space

M 28 - M42 User Interface Team Stuff

Accross W Ks UI Team
M 24 Shared Space Graphic And Logic Guidelines
M 28 Meeting Minutes For Graphics 08_05_08
M 36 Operational Logic Matrix
M 48 Graphical Guidelines
UI Team Meeting 07_05_09
UI Team Meeting On Consistency 07.11.2008

Development M48 Graphical Guidelines

Portal Evaluation

Test Case M 12 Functionalities
Test Case M 12 JSP Wiki SSGUI Functionalities


This page list the services and APIs that have been developed in KP-Lab.

Javadocs and WSDLs

Java APIs

Web Services

Content Emplacement Information
Content Repository Descriptor
Content Transfer Services
Entity Manager
Knowledge Artefact Manipulation
Persistence API Services

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