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Product name and version: CassQ: development version, i.e., verison: Cass-Q 2 v.0.5 bugs have been corrected in the version:Cass-Q 2 v.0.9
Organisers of the test: Fredrik Rutz
Date of the test: 09 – 16 June 2008
Date of the report:20 June 2008, revised in August
Editor:Fredrik Rutz
Contacts:Klas Karlgren

Executive Summary

This report gives a brief overview of an expert review conducted on the new design for the administrative website CassQ. One expert reviewer went through the system and noted possible usability issues. The focus of this document is on potential usability problems and issues which if modified are believed to be able to improve the system further. We want to emphasize that attention here is not on the existing advantages and design solutions which already work well. This is not a therefore not a summative, but a formative evaluation to be used as input for further refinement and design work and therefore naturally focuses on improvable aspects or found problems. Using an expert review gives good results in a short amount of time and leads to identification of usability issues. When possible changes have been made, these may need to be evaluated in a usability study to ensure that the interaction with the system meets the needs and workflow of the researcher.

The system reviewed is under development and may differ in its intended design from what we have reviewed. It is therefore possible that we have misunderstood certain functions in the system and that they in the reviewed version does not work as intended. The web site that was reviewed may be found at:

Main results of the study:

  • The system may be built on a model that is not in strict accordance to how users want to work with the system. The system model seems to be based around roles. A better model might be to centre on the research.
  • The system feels ”circular”, a click on a link to one page, which has links that seems to go back to the original page.
  • The navigation in the system is hampered by the main menu, which does not contain links to all parts of the system, and also changes depending on where the user is in the system.
  • There is too much reliance on navigation on the actual page. Many of these links should instead be put in the main menu.
  • The home page (start page) does not make it clear where users should look or go, or give any good indication of what is important.

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