Blogger Data API

Preliminary research

The Blogger data API allows client applications to view and update Blogger content by using Google data API feeds. Your client application can use the Blogger data API feeds to create new blog posts, edit or delete existing blog posts, and query for posts that match particular criteria.


Pre requirements for developers:

Possibility to choose: Java, .NET, Python.
Understanding the general ideas behind the Google data APIs protocol.

Based on Technologies:

HTTP messages containing XML formatted messages.


  • Retrieving a list of blogs
The Blogger data API provides a feed for retrieving the list of blogs for a particular user. You need to get the user's ID, which is the string of digits at the end of the user's profile URL. Once you have the user ID, you can send a HTTP GET to the following URL to retrieve the list of blogs. You can also substitute default for the user ID, which tells Blogger to return the list of blogs for the user whose credentials accompany the request. The response is a metafeed that lists all of that user's blogs. Each entry in the feed represents a blog associated with the user.
  • Creating posts
Publishing a blog post
Creating a draft blog post
  • Retrieving posts
Retrieving all blog posts
Retrieving posts using query parameters
  • Updating posts
  • Deleting posts
  • Comments
The Blogger data API allows for creating, retrieving, and deleting comments. Updating comments is not supported (nor is it available in the web interface).

Security Notes:

You can access both public and private feeds using the Blogger data API. Public feeds do not require any authentication, but they are read-only. If you want to modify blogs then you'll need to authenticate your client before requesting private feeds. This can be done via ClientLogin username/password authentication or AuthSub proxy authentication.

Browser Compatibility

Is it open source?

To use the API, you need to have a Google account. Google data APIs protocol

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