Affordances are on the one hand based on the objective material properties of the environment and on the other hand on its consequences for the specific organism (Knuuttila 2005). Or we may say "that concrete environment provides ‘‘ affordances’’ (McGrenere and Ho, 2000) for hypotheses. That is, the properties and features of things themselves direct how they can be interpreted" (Paavola & Hakkarainen, 2005)

Knuuttila Tarja, (2005). Models as epistemic artefacts: Toward a non-representationalist account of scientific representation. Philosophical Studies from the University of Helsinki 8. Helsinki: University of Helsinki.

Paavola Sami and Hakkarainen Kai. (2005). Three abductive solutions to the meno paradox – with instinct, inference, and distributed cognition. Studies in Philosphy and Education 24: 235–253

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What about Gibsonian and Norman's affordances or nested affordances by McGrenere, J. and Ho, W. (2000)?

--merja bauters, 04-Feb-2007

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