Across WK’s UI design team, Virtual meeting 15.06.2008

Present: Ali, Michael, Christoph, Oskari and Merja
Place: Marratech


1. Technical meeting and effects on UI design? (Ali)

  • List of components that should be shared
  • Tagging interface for Shared Space and Change Lab
  • GUI components:
    • list based component for comments
    • vocabulary editor component
  • Data submission and its effect on UI was discussed – it has an effect also in the In-place-editing UI logic for operation (see below)

Mentioned stuff that Merja & Christoph had been wondering about, but which stayed somewhat unclear:

  • The visual language editor and vocabulary editor similarities in their purpose will be discussed later in the fall; they overlap in their “purpose"


  • Ali Rantakari will be the “head” of the UI design components
  • We will have on wiki category in KP-Lab wiki for this group
  • In to that category the graphical and logic

2. Main metaphor of KP-environment "in-place-editing” and drag and drop.

It was agreed that it is powerful for end-users, but we should be careful in its use. Problems of it:
  • User has hard time to know when the data is submitted to the system
  • User might have problem to know when something is allowed to be edited in place (there exist emerging conventions on those, e.g. Google caledar)

One division could be: often, frequently used parts are in-place-edited, and some more stable or which have broad/deep effects are not.
Will be investigated deeper when the graphical and logic guidelines of current shared space to see if there is a problem of knowing when in-place-editing would be appropriate (M24 Shared space graphic and logic guideline not yet there just the page).

3. The consistency of tagging across the tools (mainly in SSpA and CL)

  • We start from the “tag icon idea” in CL and extend it into the shared space. The actual operation of selecting tags is still under design and thinking.

4. Process view improvements (Oskari)

Was agreed to be a good start. Oskari will open the mock-up by next Tuesday (24.06) (to be linked here Improvements For M 24 Release Process View) and place it into wiki adding also:
  • End-start dates into the task itself in the GANTT, as well as to hover feature (tool tip-like feature) when going over the task
  • Status indicators of the task (e.g. not started, in process, delayed, etc)
  • Highlighting of the task when moving from process view to content view

The integration of calendar and ToDo into the process view should be started to think about.

6. What next

  • In the next meeting we open these up to talk about graphics in general, the consistency, Tessera will be included into the mailing list (discussion on the inconsistencies between tool in menu, context menus etc, as well as icons that are not self explanatory…)
  • Also discussion about which tools are displayed where in the shared space
  • Differences in the requirements about Visual model editor and Tailored view
  • Next meeting week 27 (30.06)
  • (Questions of Vocabulary editor in relations to visual modelling langauge editor....HLR34 Users can share and integrate different visual modelling languages, ontologies and vocabularies. Visual Modeling Language Editor (M36) Tag Vocabulary Editing (?) and where will the versioning issue be tackled, with respects the WKs? - (e.g.HLR38 Users are able to check changes from past versions of the document and build new versions based upon these checks (e.g. a fusion of history and track changes and HLR16 Users are able to version shared objects and track annotation over time).)

What has been collected for graphic and usability improvements after M24(info)

Development M 28 - M 42 Graphic Design

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